2002 PKC World Hunt Final-Eight


By Jerry Moll 10/26/2002  1:22:37 PM

Aurora, KY 10/26/2002 9:40:57 PM

Cast 601 SCH Rock River Sue Ricky D. Powers, owner/handler

PCH Water Oak Mable Meyer or Dickerson, owners

Cast 602 SCH Deep South Pac Rat R.D. Carnegie, owner Craig Deschamp, handler

SCH Skuna River Fred Sybert or Bodenburg, owners Curt Sybert, handler

Cast 603 CH McClendon’s Ring Shank (pictured left) Arlander McClendon, owner William L. Martin, handler

SCH Salt Creek Jenni (pictured right) Jerry Moll, owner/handler

Cast 604 Image’s Last Chance Bondurant or Turner, owner Brian Turner, handler

2002 PKC Labor Day Classic Friday


By Jerry Moll 8/31/2002  1:19:57 PM

Friday nights are made for coon hunting. Just ask the 328 hunters who entered pups and big dogs in the second round of the PKC Labor Day Classic here last night. The entry, when added to that of Thursday night climbs to 554 hounds. It’s amazing to note that this hunt in only 5 years or so, has grown to that level but again, considering the amazing growth and popularity of PKC hunting, it’s not surprising.

Here’s how they finished on Friday night in North Vernon Pictured (L-R).

Pup Derby 132 entries Split Winners with early round scores

4th – Jenni Jerry Moll, owner/handler 675 plus

4th – Lacey Colson or Turner, owner John Colson, handler

4th – Ajax Russ Bellar, owner Bryan Whitted, handler

4th – Zeb Again Barry Kiddy, owner/handler