Salt Creek Scary Mary


By Jerry Moll 1/24/2010  10:34:13 AM

Nineteen Month Old Salt Creek Scary Mary is on a little bit of a roll. She has her money won for the PKC Spring One Year Old Super Stakes and she won her second consecutive UKC First Place last night at Blooming Grove, Indiana. All of Mary’s wins have come with the leaves off and the easy coons gone.

******Nite Ch Yadkin River Crowder ****Gr Nite Ch Rock River Sackett ******Flynn's Hustin Gypsy **HOF Gr Nite Ch Ch Rock River Sackett Jr ******HOF Gr Nite Ch Dohoney's Boone ****HOF Gr Nite Ch Skean's Dolly ******Dohoney's Spice Sire: Gr Nite Ch Ch PKC CH Salt Creek Rapid River Sockett ******Gr Nite Ch Yadkin Tar Rattler ****Gr Nite Ch Nocturnal Nailor ******Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch Lockdown Lassie **Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch PKC CH Moll's Salt Creek Molly-Ann ******Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch Ch PKC SCH House's Lipper ****CH Moll's Salt Creek Dixie ******HOF Gr Nite Ch Moll's Salt Creek Annie

Salt Creek Scary Mary

******Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch PKC SCH House's Lipper ****Gr Nite Ch Wagers' Stylish Lipper ******Gr Nite Ch PKC CH Schmersal's Stylish Queen **Gr Nite Ch PKC CH Hard Knockin Stylish Hayes ******Nite Ch PKC SCH Treadwell's Hardwood Logan ****Gr Nite Ch PKC CH Taylor's Hardwood Dixie ******Nite Ch Clifton's Ruby Dam: Nite Ch PKC CH Tree Talking Jess ******Ch Gr Nite Ch Tree Taking Sam ****Gr Nite Ch PKC CH 2X UCHA World CH Tree Talking Bama ******Bellar's Belle **PKC CH Salt Creek Tree Talkin' Tess ******Gr Nite Ch PKC CH AKC World CH Mack's Little Joe ****Whitaker's Lou Lou Belle ******Hobbs' Crane Hill Bee