Congratulations to John, Rick and Baby!


By Jerry Moll 10/31/2007  10:23:41 AM

John Strickland and Rick Vogel acquired "Who’s Cryin’ Now Baby" Labor Day weekend in Indiana. Since then she has earned a Pup Spot for September with $883.14, earned a Top Sixteen Spot in the PKC Illinois State Race, placed in the TOP NINE of the 2007 PKC Junior Futurity and THIRD OVERALL $6,000 WINNER in the PKC Fall Junior Super Stakes Championship. Baby also has a first place win in UKC, has a Top Sixteen spot in the AKC Illinois State Race, is qualified for the 2008 AKC World Championship and the 2008 AKC National Championship, Hunt for the Remington Truck.

******Nite Ch Yadkin River Crowder ****Gr Nite Ch Rock River Sackett ******Flynn's Hustin Gypsy **HOF Gr Nite Ch Ch Rock River Sackett Jr ******HOF Gr Nite Ch Dohoney's Boone ****HOF Gr Nite Ch Skean's Dolly ******Dohoney's Spice Sire: Gr Nite Ch Ch PKC CH Salt Creek Rapid River Sockett ******Gr Nite Ch Yadkin Tar Rattler ****Gr Nite Ch Nocturnal Nailor ******Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch Lockdown Lassie **Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch PKC CH Moll’s Salt Creek Molly-Ann ******Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch PKC SCH House’s Lipper ****CH Moll’s Salt Creek Dixie ******HOF Gr Nite Ch Moll’s Salt Creek Annie

Who’s Cryin’ Now Baby

******Gr Nite Ch Balls Hickory Nut Harry ****Gr Nite Ch Owen’s Hardwood Bozo ******Nite Ch Rutans Bear Cr. Princess **Gr Nite Ch Hardwood Patch ****** Gr Nite Ch Wick’s Stylish Banjo ****Gr Nite Ch Schmersal’s Stylish Queen ******Wick’s Ozark Missy Dam: Salt Creek Venus (full sister to Gr Nite PKC Pch Hardwood Henry) ****** Gr Nite Ch Neosho River Jet ****Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch Minkler’s Kansas Dancer ****** Gr Nite Ch Minkler’s Kansas Kate **Gr Nite Ch Ch PKC CH Salt Creek Private Dancer ****** Gr Nite Ch Spring Creek Foot II ****Fultz’ Singing Susie ******Nite Ch Henry’s Black Dot


  Shown at the 2007 PKC Futurity (L-R): Who’s Crying Now Baby, Wild Diamond Riley, Brushy Creek Shania Twain and Scene Of The Crash


  Shown at the 2007 PKC Futurity (L-R): Who’s Crying Now Baby, Stoney River Lady and Bugeyed Terrible Tiny